Daftar Lagu Bruno Mars

by Shashaasmawidjaya on 10:15 AM, 23-Mar-13

2. Just the Way You Are
3. Our First Time
4. Runaway Baby
5. The Lazy Song
6. Marry You
7. Talking to the Moon
8. Liquor Store Blues
9. Count on Me
10. The Other Side
11. Only when your Lonely
12.Nothing on you
13. Again
14. all about you
15. All She Know
17. Faded
18. Gold
19. Ladies Is Pimps to
20. Light
22. Lost
24. Take The Long Way home
25.Turn Around
26. Watching Her move
27.Where Did She go
28.Who IS
29. Girl In The window
30. Her world Goes On
31. Killa On The Run
32. Long Distance
33. Move On
34. Never Say you cant
35. On Fire
36. runaway
37. Today my Life Begins
38. It Will Rain
39. She Got Me
40. Press It
41. dance in the mirror
42. Starting today
43. Break Down
44. Voices In my Head
45. 3D
46. When I was your man
47. Locked Out of heaven
Maaf kalau ada yang salah ::>

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13 responses to "Daftar Lagu Bruno Mars"

Yasmin [04:27 PM, 29-May-13]

Makasih ya smile

xxxx [09:52 AM, 16-Jun-13]

Treasure mana ??

Kezi_G [10:36 AM, 19-Jul-13]

thx.. ngebantu bgt.. smile

UnKnown~ [10:11 PM, 27-Jul-13]

MAkasih atas ilmunya biggrin

khie [07:31 AM, 05-Aug-13]

nma fans.a bruno mars tuh apa?

intan raden [06:24 AM, 30-Sep-13]

banyak banget

@adityarmd1 [12:05 PM, 02-Oct-13]

bingung nyari lagu bruno marsnya yang mana yang lagi gua cari ? tau nada tapi gatau lyric

Jans [12:55 AM, 29-Nov-13]

Nama fans nya bruno mars itu Hooligans.

taju [02:01 PM, 22-Dec-13]

mau nyantiin semua lagu bruno mars

taju [02:02 PM, 22-Dec-13]

mau nyanyiin semua lagu bruno mars

doubel h [06:32 AM, 13-Feb-14]

tau nadanya gk tau judulnya...

Sondang R.W.S [10:18 AM, 04-Mar-14]

maksih, tetapi ini kurang lengkap :'(

darma y [08:44 AM, 01-Apr-14]

mirrors mana?

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